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    En 2023 nous retournons à Visé !
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    En 2022 online !
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    Lingua Podium
    organise de nouvelles activités !

Lingua Podium Lingua Podium wants to promote
the learning of foreign languages in a playful spirit.
All students
who are learning a foreign language
are welcome,
from the 3rd year to the 6th year of secondary level,
whether they are in linguistic immersion or not,
no matter their level,
no matter which language!

Some fun facts about Lingua Podium
Nederlands Podium starts:
120 participants
The name
Lingua Podium
Enthusiastic participants
Online Edition
Because Of
Covid 19

Lingua Podium


Lingua Podium is a non-profit association which goal is to promote language learning in Dutch, German, French and English.

We are convinced that a foreign language has to be practised outside the school context, too. We also thought that a maximal exposure to other languages positively influences the learning process. This is the reason why we're always looking for new challenges and projects to fulfill those needs. A first project was created during the school year 2011-2012, in collaboration with Maison des Langues and Het Taalcentrum NVT

Historical background

  • School year 2011-2012 and first project draft: Dutch Podium.
  • During the school year 2012-2013, the project was extended to other target languages within the netwerk of immersion (CLIL) schools in the provicince of Liège.
    Lingua Podium was born!
  • Since 2016, we have been welcoming CLIL-schools from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.
  • Since 2018, Lingua Podium has been open to EVERY student who learns a new language regardless of his or her level.


Read about us

Lingua Podium



L'année prochaine, Lingua Podium aura lieu au Centre Culturel de Visé.

  • Pour l'enseignement secondaire, mardi le 14 mars
  • Pour l'enseignement primaire entre le 28 et le 31 mars